Infants  (6 weeks – 6 months)
Our tiny infants thrive in a safe, loving environment. Go to the Infant Room.
Infants  (6 months – 12 months) 
Our older infants room encourages mobility and focuses on developing social skills. Go to the Infant Room.
Ones  (12 months – 18 months) 
Our one’s enjoy active play developing their social and motor skills.
Go to the One's Room.
Twos  (18 months – 36 months) 
Our toddlers enjoy active play while learning to share and follow directions.
Go to the Two's Room.
Preschool  (3 years – 4 years)
Preschool  is centered on “hands on” learning stations designed to enrich social skills. Go to the Preschool Room.
Pre-K  (4 years – 5 years) 
Pre- K  Is also centered on “hands on” learning stations designed to introduce your child to Kindergarten.
Go to the Pre-K Room.
Children's Discovery Center of Omaha, Nebraska
School Age  (5 years – 13 years) 
Our school age program is designed for children who need before and after school care. This program complements the elementary school day by offering a variety of relaxing and recreational activities, as well as the opportunity to work on homework.

Go to the  School Age Room.

Summer Break
Over summer break, we will be taking many field trips to help ignite children’s imagination and curiosity. The field trips will be hands on and fun, so the children will be learning without even knowing it. Children will learn about science, animals, history, nature and much, much more.

Our summer program runs from the end of school in May/June until the start of school in August. All children will be fed breakfast, lunch and a PM snack. Please contact us today to hear more about our summer program.

Outdoor play is an important part of every child’s physical and social development. Children's Discovery Center has one of the largest playgrounds in Omaha, with climbing and play equipment.   We also have a Little Tikes playground for the One’s and Two’s. All age groups enjoy supervised outdoor fun and games, when the weather permits.
Children's Discovery Center 14210 Arbor St, Omaha, NE 68144‎