Two's Room

18 - 36 months

Our toddlers enjoy active play developing their social and motor skills while learning to share and follow directions. Singing, dancing, games and story time are all part of our day. We also do Circle Time and Montessori Centers. Circle time consists of hands on learning: ABC’s, 123′s & color’s in English and Spanish, shapes and singing songs. 

Montessori Centers allow them to put their sense of order to use. We want to encourage children to "Learn by Doing" and to incorporate a sense of learning and accomplishment into their everyday task and activities.  We schedule a “quiet time” immediately after lunch to rest and re-energize.

CDC also encourages potty training with the older children in this room. Our potty training methods are based on positive reinforcement at school and home. Potty Training is a task that takes time and patience.  We are here to help parents encourage consistency as your children transition from wearing diapers to being completely potty trained.  To help assist with the learning process, we have toddler sized toilets and lowered sinks.
Welcome to the Two's room
Two's Room at Children's Discovery Center
  • Our ratio is four infants to one teacher
  • Each child has their own cot and cubbie
  • Completed daily information sheet for parents
  • Nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack
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